Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best Drugstore Beauty Products

This year I’ve been more into makeup than ever before. For that reason, I thought I’d share some of my favorites that can be found right at your local drugstore that work just as well, if not better than higher end brands for a much lower price point.

NYC Individual Eyes Custom Compact in Bryant Park (for blue eyes)

I purchased this on a whim being that it was under $6 and I’d heard some positive reviews on it. Once I tried it out, I realized that I’d hit the eyeshadow jackpot. The colors are gorgeous, pigmented and it also comes with a primer and illuminator. The illuminator is great not just for eyes, but also to highlight cheekbones and use on Cupid’s bow. It’s also the perfect size for travel. They make these in different shades for different eye colors and the colors in this palette are very flattering for blue eyes. They definitely got it right.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick/Lipgloss

It’s no secret that I have a lipstick/gloss obsession and I’m very picky when it comes to this category. I’ve come to love Revlon’s lip products. They’re Super Lustrous Lipstick is creamy, doesn’t dry out my lips and they have a ton of shades to chose from. You can usually find these for about $5. My favorite shades are Luminous Pink and Silver City Pink. I usually wear it with a pinky nude lipgloss on top for the perfect color.

The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss is another favorite of mine in the shade Peach Petal. It’s a peachy nude and it also has an SPF 15, which makes it very nice for spring and summer. You can usually find these under $7 and I find them very similar to higher end glosses like Chanel’s Glossimers that are over $20.

Revlon also makes another formula of lipstick called Revlon Colorburst and there is a shade called Soft Nude that’s great. It’s very similar to MAC’s Crème d’Nude for half the price.

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation

This was another one I bought thinking nothing of it and has become my go to foundation. I don’t think I’ve used one from a drugstore since I was a teenager, but I find myself reaching for this more and more. It’s very creamy and almost melts into your skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for ladies with oily skin, but for normal to dry skin, it works really well. It provides decent coverage and evens out my complexion. For around $8, it is a beauty bargain.

NYC Blushable Crème Stick

Yes, another NYC Product, but this is just as good as the first. These crème sticks are no more that $4 and are comparable to the NARS Multiple that costs more than $30. The NYC sticks come in a variety of shades. Some can be used as a blush while others are better as a bronzer. I have this in the shade Pink Flash and it adds the perfect amount of natural looking flush to my cheeks. Another great shade is Plaza Pink. It’s a more toned down shade of Pink Flash and is a light peachy pink. They’re very easy to blend out with a blush brush and are my favorite drugstore find this year.

Milani Liquif'Eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencils

These pencils from Milani glide on like a dream are comparable to Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. The Milani pencils are less than $7, while the Urban Decay pencils cost about $17. Because the Milani pencils are metallic, they’re not safe for use on the waterline, however, these are great for the upper lashline. I only wish they came in more shades.

Essence XXXL Lipgloss in Rising Star

The only place I’ve found these glosses is Ulta, but it’s worth the trip. They are only $1.99!! It deserves two exclamation points because they’re that unbelievable. Rising Star is a beautiful milky pink shade with a slight iridescence. It can be worn on its own or over lipstick. It has a pleasant scent that isn’t overpowering and they’re not at all sticky.

I hope some of these recommendations were helpful!

What are some of your favorites?


ShyGirl said...

Great reviews! I love when people review drug store makeup because so many of us can't afford the more expensive brands, so this was really helpful :)

I've had a lot of luck with some New York Colors products too! I have some of their eyeliner that was only a $1 and it has become one of my staples. I also use some of their eye shadow pallets and really like them! And Cover Girl Clean Oil-Control Foundation will always be my all time favorite drug store foundation. It is the only foundation I actually don't get oily from and it is so affordable!

Anonymous said...

love this, I only buy drugstore brands. I'm too lazy to go anywhere else and I'm a cheapskate. I refuse to pay more than I have to... I'm a lip gloss addict! I love Revlon and L'Oreal, they're the best drugstore brands in my opinion. I also find Almay and Neutrogena to be good brands as well. I'll have to check out these from your list!

BroncoMom said...

Having spent many years working with high end cosmetics, it is a joy to read news on comparable products. Thanks for the heads up on some products that I will now be on the look out list.

Annie said...

i use that same foundation, i've been using it for 4 years now. i love it!! it glides on so smooth and has such awesome coverage without looking cakey and it lasts all day.
i also have a few of those revlon lip glosses, love them too!!
and i always buy these products when they are on sale or buy one get one half off.

Brittany Ann said...

I want to try those cream blush sticks! The ones I've looked at are so expensive!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

I'm not a big makeup person, but I want to go to the drugstore to get some of these products!

I usually wear mineral makeup, but have been thinking about getting a different foundation for more even coverage. I've always wondered if the Maybelline mousse is any good and now I know!

Thanks for the reviews :)

Galaxy Girl said...

My ultimate favorite foundation is Bare Esscentals (not a drugstore brand). I love all the Covergirl Mascaras and the Loreal high intensity pigmented eyeshadow (especially the purple one). The colour is so concentrated and goes on wonderfully.

Kristin said...

I live for that gloss in cherries in the snow, but haven't been able to find my color lately. : (

Gwen said...

My favorite drug store product is Neutrogena Foundation. Been using it for years. I think it's so much lighter than anything else. Definitely going to search out that NYC shadow compact though. XOXO

Melissa said...

Great reviews, I need to buy some of this stuff!

I have oily skin and I tried the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation years ago. It made my skin look flawless until I broke out like a mofo from it! Such a shame, because it was awesome otherwise.

Steph said...

Thanks for the great reviews I have been looking for a cheaper face make up.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Nice reviews thanks! The eyeshadow sounds like a great deal. And I can't resist lipgloss ;) I actually buy way more makeup than I use. Such a waste. I have like 6 makeup bags full of junk!

AndreaLeigh said...

i have heard raves about the dream mousse. I will have to try it out! was it easy to find the right shade? thanks for sharing, jules!

Ally said...

Those shades of lip gloss are TOTALLY my style. I love them! I own the Revlon one. I actually really like this Studio eye shadow but it wasn't cheap, maybe like $8. There was a time when I spent a fortune buying only Stila, Benefit and Mac. I've since realized it's all the same stuff.

Natalie said...

That foundation made me break-out :(

I have used Revlon color stay eyeliner since high school and have yet to find a better one. I also use Maybelline Falsies mascara and Covergirl Lash Blast. Oh, and I can't live without the Clean and Clear oil blotting sheets!

Savvy Gal said...

Great tips. I am eyeing those liquid eyeliners. : )

The Average Girl said...

Awesome! I'm going to try that Revlon because of your post... looks like a really nice quality (and a Chanel look-alike!)