Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chic & Cheap - Saving Money Online

Welcome to installment number two of my series on how to save some dough.

This week’s topic: Using the Internet to make and save money

The internet is a beautiful thing. Not only can we shop in our PJ’s, but we can also save money and make money. Here are my favorite sites for doing that.


I’m sure most of you are already familiar with this site and if not, you’re missing out BIG time. I’ll admit, I was as big a skeptic as anyone when I heard that I’d get cash back for shopping online in the form of a check each quarter. I was floored that there really wasn’t a catch and it’s completely legit. The hardest part is actually remembering to go to the site before you do your shopping.

In a nutshell, you go to eBates, search for the store you want to shop at and eBates takes you directly to the site, tracks your purchase and automatically deposits the percentage of cash back into your eBates account. Sometimes they do deals where you get 20% cash back at places like Old Navy. It’s rare, but it happens. You can expect to get rates of 3%-6% cash back at many popular stores. This can add up really add up. eBates automatically sends you a check each quarter with all of your accumulated cash back.

You can sign-up here. Yes, I get a referral bonus of $5 and you get it too after your first purchase. If you have questions about it, please let me know.


This is a site that took me awhile to jump on the bandwagon. I was concerned about spam and pop-ups, but so far, so good. Basically you get Swagbucks for doing internet searches that can ultimately be cashed in for gift cards to places like, iTunes gift cards and other things. Instead of using Google, I use Swagbucks for my searches. It takes no effort because I’m doing something I would have done regardless. I do search for sites I know how to get to like Facebook, Yahoo and even Blogger just to try and get Swagbucks where I can. I usually earn from 7-11 Swagbucks each time I win them. There are other ways to earn them besides searching, but that is mainly what I use it for.

Deal sites

There seems to be a new one popping up everyday. Living Social and Groupon are my two favorites. Most of the time you can get deals for restaurants, fitness classes, spas, etc. up to half off. They also do deals online. I’m sure some of you remember the pay $10 for a $20 Amazon e-gift certificate. That was one I scooped right up and used to get a book and some nail polish. One was also recently done for Fandango which is great for movie lovers like Geof and I. It was only $9 for two movie tickets. We each bought that deal. One was already used for a date night a few weeks ago and we have another one to look forward to.

There are other sites out there, but these are my top three. I wanted to include one to make money, one to earn gifts/gift cards and one to save money. I hope this was helpful!

Are there other deal sites out there I’m missing out on?


SassyScorp said...

you should check out, and as well. Great tips!

Anonymous said...

these are good tips Jules. I have to admit that I have avoided swagbucks and eBates because I didn't trust them. Also, Josh and I had to order from his credit card's site to earn points (otherwise it doesn't count). But, we've since learned there are a lot of exceptions to the points, so I'll have to look into those sites now!

The Pink Chick said...

I absolutely love a good deal, so thanks for the tips! I use ebates. I don't use swagbucks, but I have been getting a lot of use out of mypoints (which is similar). I will have to visit swagbucks and check it out! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

mFw said...

I used to use swagbucks all the time and I searched for blogger and facebook too, but then they kicked me off their site because I wasn't using it like a normal search engine? So just beware that's what happened to me! I need to create another account on my other email and try again! I've just started using ebates!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I've heard about the first two. I don't really buy that much online though...aside from boots last winter it seemed like, and for that I google "Macy's discount codes" or whatever store and it always saves me. I got like $40 off my last pair of boots.

The second site, I have been afraid to try because I feel like they are tracking and monitoring me and that scares me haha. Maybe I am too paranoid.

As for Groupon and Living Social - love 'em both! I bought many of my Christmas gifts there last year, as well as birthday gifts and treats for myself!

meghan said...

I use ebates. I have like $58 sitting in the bank right now, but for some reason it keeps skipping paying me out. Any suggestions? I missed the February payout and now have to wait...oh well! I've also used deal sites like living social and groupon and gotten good deals!

Let's see...I think you hit up all the online deals that I know. Unless you're also thinking you could include ruelala or Gilt. Know of those?

Dana said...

Your coupon post inspired me so I have be using coupons lately. I just joined Groupon. Every little bit helps.

Carly said...

Sad to admit, I was totally oblivious to ALL of your suggestions except Groupon..I have heard of and actually used that before.
To be totally honest, I am just not that avid of an online shopper. I research items online, look, shop around but 9 times out of 10 when it comes to the actual purchase of the product I am totally the TOUCH FEEL and TRY ON type. I love to GO shopping. Of course, I know that is not realistic for so many people out there.
I should try one, and see how it goes. The ebates sounds really easy and who wouldn't want a little extra cash at the end of each quarter!
Thanks for the tips.

Fashion Meets Food said...

I don`t use any of those, but I definitely think I need to check them out! I really need to save some money. Thanks for sharing doll.


Anonymous said...

i have a friend who works at groupon and i think its an amazing site!!!

hope u have a good weekend jules :-)

<3 megan
A Suitcase and Stilettos

Ana said...

If you girls like eBates, then you need to check out

Amongst other things, we typically have better rates than what eBates gives back.

If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them.

Leslie said...

These are great tips!! I'll definitely have to check some of these sites out.. I've used groupon before and love it!

Blogger said...

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