Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chicago trip – Day 1

We just got back from Chicago on Sunday and what a whirlwind weekend it was. We were able to visit because Geof received an invite to attend a movie premiere as part of his blog/contest being held. It was pretty last minute and the producers flew us out, put us up for one night at The Allerton and invited us to the premiere of Fancypants where we got to walk the red carpet. It felt pretty cool to have a bunch of shutterbugs flashing cameras in our faces and asking us questions. We also got to sit in between the stars of the film and it felt like something straight out of Hollywood. Geof also had to get up and speak briefly in front of the crowd of 400+ people and he did awesome.

OOTN for the premiere!

Geof and I on the red carpet

The rest of the trip was for relaxation. After the movie, we went back to our hotel, got changed and hopped in a cab bound for Kuma’s Corner. This is a place Geof has raved about for the past few years and has never been able to take me to because he’s only been there when he travels to Chicago for work. Let me just tell you that this place had the BEST Mac ‘n Cheese I have ever had. They also had an awesome beer selection and the most unique burgers I’ve ever seen, all named after heavy metal bands. I got the Pantera Burger complete with Roasted Poblano Pepper, Bacon, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, house made Ranchero Sauce and Tortilla Strips. This place is out in the suburbs of Chicago and definitely a hidden gem. They had a funny joke up on the chalkboard that said “Why did the hipster burn his mouth on pizza?”…”He ate it before it was cool”. That one really had me laughing. I can see why it’s rated #52 out of #3,076 restaurants on TripAdvisor.

Food at Kuma's Corner

After Kuma’s, we went back to our hotel that was right in the heart of the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Ave. We took a late night stroll and stumbled upon The Drake hotel completely by accident. This was on my “must see” list while we were there because one of my favorite movies of all time, My Best Friend’s Wedding was filmed there. The hotel was as beautiful and opulent as I expected and we walked in like we owned the place which afforded me the opportunity to snap some pics like the ridiculous tourist that I am.

Outside The Drake

Beautiful ballroom inside The Drake. I can't imagine how gorgeous a wedding would be in this room.

Geof on Michigan Ave.


Melissa said...

Looks like a fun trip! You looked very pretty!

I love that you blog about your trips, weekends, and fun stuff you do. I'm living vicariously through you now because it's hard to just go somewhere on a whim with a baby :P

Mel said... went to Kuma's. I've still never made it there and I LIVE here! Looks like you had an awesome time!

Anonymous said...

A movie premiere - how fancy! I am in LOVE with that necklace. You two looked great!

Kathie @ Like A Box Of Chocolates said...

wow! how cool!

Josh and I will have to take a trip to Kuma's some day.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You looked SO beautiful! How awesome that you two got to experience the premiere and Geoff was such an important part of the night. That's really, really cool :)

How did you split you Instagram pic into three like that? I'm technology impaired hehe!

And I adore old hotels so the fact that you are sharing the pics is super awesome. I get to live vicariously through you!

Miss K said...

looks and sounds like a great weekend! love your earrings!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

You pearls are beautiful! Looks like it was a perfect night out.


...just another preppy shopaholic said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit here to Chicago!

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Anonymous said...

That looks like an awesome trip! You look awesome as usual!

Mary and Dyer said...

Love all of the pearls on your jewelry! So classic and beautiful!! The Drake also looks like an amazing place. Thanks for sharing your pictures! xox

I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to visit my blog & follow back if you'd like.

Also, check out my giveaway for a Missoni for Target hat! :)


Jessica said...

That's so cool! You looked gorgeous! I love your jewelery! What a fun trip!

Alyson said...

ohh la la, chicago!! love it there! fun to look through your photos. xoox


Meghan said...

First of all, you guys look amazing! What a cool opportunity! And secondly, I LOVE that you went to Kuma's! It's one of my all-time favorites and a definite must in Chicago!

Carly said... cool:)
and you in that black dress withe the pearls...LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Mrs in Training said...

What a neat trip - I've never been to Chicago, but DH has been several times and loves it there :) You look great!