Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy 101 Award & Happy dog

I was given the Happy 101 Award by the always wonderful Miss Sweet Tea over at Sweet Tea Diaries. The Happy 101 Award is to thank the wonderful bloggers that make you smile. Thank you so much for this award. Angela makes me smile too :)

The rules are:
1. List 10 things that make you happy.
2. Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day.

10 things that make me happy
1. Geof
2. My family
3. My friends
4. Chase & Mandy
5. Christmas lights
6. Traveling
7. Purses
8. Lip gloss
9. Beautiful sunsets
10. Ice skating

I would like to pass this award onto the following bloggers that make me smile:

1. Blair @ Reasonably Swanky
2. Brittany @ Living in the Momment
3. MCW @ Saving the Best for Last…(fingers crossed)
4. Annie @ Chapters of our Life
5. Melissa @ Love, Marriage and (Someday) A Baby Carriage!
6. Bonnie @ The Browns
7. Kathie @ My Net Finds
8. Whitney @ That Girl & Her Pug
9. Anna @ Southern Champagne Wishes
10. Katie @ The Adventures of Katie and Josh

The award above is appropriately named for my story of the night. My mom came over to keep me company and decided to surprise me and bring Happy (her black lab) along with her. Here is a quick background on good, old Happy. When I was 19, I was at the pet store and saw this adorable puppy that was 3 months old. They said they had named him Crazy. He looked like he really wanted a home, so I did what any irrational teenager that thinks they’re an adult would do and bought him against my mom’s wishes. When I walked in the door back at home, my mother’s exact words were, (before she saw him from the other room) “you better not have brought that….awwww” (that’s when she walked into the room and instantly fell in love). He was supposed to be my dog, but became our dog. When I moved out Happy stayed and he is now very much my mom’s dog. He is still doing well and is almost 12.

Onto the night’s story; Happy got here tonight and was being harassed by my dogs and was all out of sorts. Within 5 minutes, he had an accident on the floor. Great. We cleaned that up and then I went to feed my dogs. The next thing I hear is “oh no, Happy got sick”. Good lord. Okay, let’s clean it up. Finally I thought it was all well and good until his power tail came along and knocked my mom’s cup of tea all over the coffee table and living room floor. Poor guy couldn’t catch a break. Here is the sweetie just relaxing after his rough night.


Brittany Ann said...

Thank you, sweet friend! What a fun award! I will pass it along this week!

Katie said...

Thank you so much!!! And Happy is so cute!!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the award! I will work on getting it out sometime this week! :)

Happy is too cute!

Anonymous said...

thank you!!! Your blog makes me smile too :-)

happy is a doll!

Kim said...

awww what a sweet puppy dog! Love that his name is Happy!!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Congrats on the award! I always love checking out new blogs, looks like you've got some good ones listed!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Awe, happy is cute!!! :)

Lindsey said...

Great list, I'm thankful for purses too!

Gwen said...

Awe...Happy had an off day it sounds like. What a cute story. :) XOXO

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

An award very deserved!!

Chloe said...

if only I could get away with bringing a dog home :)

MCW said...

Tthanks!!! Christmas lights and lipgloss make me smile too!

The Pink Tutu said...

What a precious dog! Congrats on the award. I love your list of happies!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

Thank you for the award! I love Happy - he is so cute! Poor thing did have a rough night. I will post about this immediately! Thanks again!

Savvy Gal said...

I like your list #7 purses.... i think we are long lost purse twins. : ) xoxo

The Pink Chick said...

Happy is so cute! I love the story of how you got Happy! I am sure your Mom is glad you decided to be a rebel and buy the puppy!

Jill said...

Congrats on the award. Happy is so cute. My family had a lab when I was in college. He was a cutie!

Kristin said...

Poor little Happy. Hopefully he had a better day today!

Whitney said...

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!

Blair said...

Thank you my dear! You are too sweet! I will work on posting this week!
I have been in the blog world since July and have loved every minute of it. I am so glad that we found each other, your blog makes me smile....and all of your comments are the best!


Kristen said...

aww how cute is he! congrats on that adorable award! sorry I have been mia, but I am back!

Nicole M., MS, RD, LD said...

Happy is sooo cute!

Congrats on your blog award! Look forward to reading more!`

Annie said...

yay for the award and thank you so much for passing it onto me!! you are such a sweetie :)

oh no, poor pup!! i hope the rest of his night was better ;)

have a great weekend hun!!