Thursday, March 5, 2009

Unconventional beauty tips

I dvr'd Ellen today and watched it this evening because Melissa from The Bachelor was on and I was dying to hear what she had to say. Overall, she looks great and seems to be doing well.

After Melissa, this woman Kym Douglas came on and shared beauty secrets from her latest book "The Black Book of Hollywood Pregnancy Secrets". The secrets she shared could really be for anyone and I was intrigued, so I thought I would share.

1. Instead of using pore strips for your nose, spread Elmer’s glue across your nose, let it dry and peel it off. It is supposed to remove all blackheads. I remember putting glue on my fingers when I was little and then peeling it off, so I could actually see this working.

2. The next tip was something called a “belly band” that celebs supposedly use after having a baby or when they have packed on a few pounds. It is supposed to make the stomach muscles remember where they were pre-weight gain and get you back in shape faster.

3. Next was an at home facial treatment made of graham flour, crushed/peeled cucumber and egg white or Vegenaise. You are to mix the ingredients together and it makes your skin glow. The graham flour works as an exfoliant, the cucumber as an astringent and the egg white or Vegenaise as a moisturizer.

4. Beer is supposed to be great for your hair (I’ve heard this one before). The hops help give natural volume to your tresses. You can pour a bottle on your head in the shower, work through and then rinse out and shampoo/condition as normal.

5. Last, if you have leftover wine from a party you pour it in the tub and use it as a soak. It is supposed to soften and plump your skin.

The best part of this segment was that the author did all of these tips/tricks as she was talking about them and was super energetic. She was really fun! By the end of the segment she had paste on her face, the homemade skin concoction on, the belly band around her waist, beer dripping from her hair and ended up in the tub of wine.

I may give one or two of these ideas a try!


capperson said...

I would so try to Elmers glue one, but Idk about the beer. Could you actually get that smell out of your hair??

~*Sweet Tea Diaries*~ said...

Ha ha I love the Ellen show! My favorite - I went once and sat in the front row, sooo cool!! :) Ok so I got off track...I'm mailing you something in the morning!!! Yay - be on the look out ok?!

Peppermint Bee said...

I have used beer in my hair before and I might just have to try the Elmers glue too!

Lis said...

Ahhh I totally forgot to DVR this!! Thanks for sharing these tips. Of course I am a little skeptical about the glue, but hey it couldn't hurt too bad right?

Happy Friday!!!! :)

Jill said...

Great tips! I may have to give a few of these a try too!

Christina said...

I finally got around to watching my DVR'd Ellen from yesterday, the beauty tips were great!

I liked the segment with Melissa, she looked awesome and sounds happy with her new man :) yay!

Have a good day!

capperson said...

you should email me that dip recipe :)

yeah thats the theme we went with last year, kinda sucks cause thats also the theme we are going with for our graduation

Little Pink Magnolia said...

I am trying the glue thing as I type. I find it rather amusing, and all I can smell right now is glue. Hopefully it works... if not, at least its a laugh!

Lacey said...

These are interesting tips...I've done the beer in the hair but have not heard of the rest. I must admit I'm intrigued by the idea of adding wine to a bath!

jenjen said...

Great tips! I used to TIVO Ellen, but I didn't watch it very much and it was taking up too much room on the TIVO. I will have to try the Elmers Glue! I have to say - the belly band is a great idea! With my first child it took me about a year to get back to my old shape. With my 2nd, the day I came home from the hospital I put a girdle on. It sucked everything in and I was back to my normal shape within about 6 weeks. Also, I bought some cheap jeans from Target about 2 sizes bigger than my normal size and wore them out of the hospital. It made me feel so much better about myself wearing normal clothes - not huge maternity things.

Thanks for letting me stop by!


AndreaLeigh said...

I've heard about the glue on the nose as well. Interesting.