Wednesday, September 1, 2010

South Carolina – Part 2

Saturday, we drove up to the outskirts of Charlotte and went to Ballantyne Village to walk around and explore some of the cute little shops. We visited The Blushing Bakeshop and had some cupcakes. The cupcakes we fluffy and delicious. The frosting is whipped and wasn’t too heavy, which was perfect on a hot Southern afternoon. The girl that worked in the shop was so also sweet and helpful in giving us some good tips about the area.

Me at The Blushing Bakeshop

After Ballantyne Village, we headed off to another part of Charlotte and went to Cantina 1511 for lunch. We heard some great things about this place and wanted to try it. This is seriously up there for some of the best Mexican food that I’ve ever had. Our sever made some recommendations and I’m glad we listened. We shared Queso Fundido as an appetizer and it was so rich, we didn’t come close to finishing it. We also shared the margarita flight that included their top shelf, house and blood orange versions of the cocktail. For lunch, Geof and I both had the Barbacoa de Puerco (basically shredded pork w/rice, pico de gallo, Mexican cheeses, guacamole, and flour tortillas). We also had the most delicious traditional and tomatillo salsa.

Geof and I at Cantina 1511

Margarita flight and Queso Fundido

After lunch, we walked around the shopping area a little bit and then drove down to the Lynx light rail station to catch a train into uptown Charlotte. This is such a convenient way to travel and I only wish we had something like this back home. We were dropped off right at the EpiCentre and this place was so fun. It’s an area filled with restaurants, nightlife and some shopping. There was also a Carolina Panthers game that night so there were a lot of fans out and about. We walked around for awhile and finally settled at Whiskey River for a drink. They had a mechanical bull, so we had to go check it out. Neither of us went for a ride though.

The EpiCentre in Charlotte

Geof on the bull

Pretty sunset on the train ride back

It was getting late, so we headed back to our hotel. We decided to go for a night swim and then befriended one of the workers at our hotel. He was so sweet and we told him about the SafetySuit concert the next night and said he might come because he was a fan of the band. It turns out that he did come to the concert and brought a friend. They were both such nice Southern gentlemen.

Sunday, we slept in pretty late and then spent most of the day relaxing out by the pool. We grabbed a quick lunch and then got ready to head out for the night. We drove up to Winthrop University for the SafetySuit show and met up with some friends we knew from Twitter; Jessica, her sister Ali and their dad. They flew all the way in from Boston for the show and are huge fans of the band. They were all so nice and it was great to meet in person.

Geof and I at the SafetySuit show

Twitter peeps!

They finally opened the doors around 6:30 and we headed into the show. The concert was wonderful and I was so glad that we got to see the band once more before they head back into the studio to finish up their 2nd album. We got to catch up with their sound guy, John who is as nice (and funny) as they come. We waited for the crowd to die down and then got to talk to the SafetySuit boys. It was nice to catch up with all of them and hear about their summer. They recently went to Europe and Africa to play for the troops and I thought that was really special.

Concert time!

Us with Doug, Tate, Jeremy and Dave

After the show, we headed back to the hotel and got ready for the long drive back home the next morning. We had a great few days away and it was nice to visit a city that I’ve never been to before. I can honestly see myself living in the South someday.


Join the Gossip said...

Sounds like so much fun! I'm so happy you two had a blast. Seems like you met so many nice people - Southern hospitality at it's best :)

The food all sounds so good. I don't even like margaritas but your trio looks and sounds so yummy!

I also think it's really cool that you always get to hang out with the band. It would be so amazing for your fav band to know who you are. That's awesome!

Bonnie said...

Sounds like a really fun time! It always seems like you & Geof have such a great time traveling, shopping, eating at great restaurants, etc. I'll just live vicariously through your travels, ha ha!

Melissa said...

Sounds like a great trip! The only place really down South that I've visited is Florida, but it was Disney and that doesn't count lol. I'd love to go to the Carolinas someday! Glad you had a great time!

Cara said...

Looks like I will have to add Cantina 1511 to my list of places to try Margaritas! I love a good blood orange margarita. I pondered moving to Charlotte for a while, it is a great city, I am glad you guys had fun!

Natalie said...

The Blushing Bakeshop sounds amazing! I love cupcakes.

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

Those cupcakes sound yummy - I love whipped frosting (okay, I love any kind of frosting, but still). I also think that queso appetizer looks delicious and it's really making me want some Mexican food right now!

I must admit that I have not heard of the band, but I think it's awesome that you hung out with them and are pals! I also love that they went overseas and played for the troops. Any time I learn that a celebrity has done that, they always move up a few notches in my eyes.

You should totally move to the South! Next on your list - come to Memphis and visit!

MCW said...

Isn't it amazing how tech brings people together. I mean 10 years ago is someone said to you would meet friends by "tweeting" you would have laughed!!!

Breakfast At Toast said...

How FUN. You have more fun than anyone I know. I love it!

Preppy 101 said...

So glad you had such a great trip! And how neat to be "with the band" - hehe - so to speak :-) What a fun time. xoxo

Meghan said...

You seriously always have so much fun! I adore this post - especially the cupcakes! Feel free to send some to Chicago:) Hehe.

Kristin said...

I am definitely going to have to get Mexican this weekend. Yay for ya'll having so much fun!

Gwen said...

Um. Where are the photos of the cupcakes? LOL!

Such a beautiful sunset photo. I love catching rays of sun behind the clouds.

You look fabulous my friend and I'm so glad you got to meet up with Twitter friends and see your favorite band play!!!

Love you girl!!! XOXO

Moonlight Serenade said...

so jealous, looks like an amazing trip!!

Jill said...

What a fun weekend! I love South Carolina. Y'all really made the most of your time. Love the name of the cupcake shop. The Margarita flight sounds delicious. The concert looks so fun and you look fabulous!

Kate said...

Looks like a very fun weekend! The Blushing Bakeshop=too funny!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Those cupcakes look awesome! And I looooooove Mexican food...great, now I'm craving it for dinner!