Monday, January 19, 2009

Bachelor drama

Wow! What an episode. The claws are definitely coming out now. Natalie was a beautiful girl, but didn’t seem to have a lot to offer Jason. I felt uncomfortable watching their dinner conversation. She definitely didn’t leave gracefully.

I am very surprised that he kept Megan. I was sure she was a goner. She seems a little mean and I’m not feeling her.

I really like Molly, Melissa, Stephanie and Naomi. They seem genuine and like they’re there for the right reasons. It was so cute when Jason took Stephanie on the one on one and then he surprised her with Sophia (her daughter). The three of them were very cute together. Unfortunately as much as I like Stephanie, I don’t see him ending up with her.

The scenes for next week look juicy!


xoxo sarahbeth said...

L-O-V-E Stephanie and Melissa! ♥

Tasha said...

I like Stephanie too but I also don't see him picking her. She seems like such a nice person and a good mom. I like Lauren too but I was disappointed when she started dropping names and being so negative about the other girls. I LOVE Monday nights!!!