Sunday, January 11, 2009

Collect call...

…from Donovan McNabb! If you didn’t see the game today, this probably doesn’t make much sense. If you did see the game, then you know why I find this hysterical. Basically, Donovan ran out of bounds on a play and into the Giants sidelines. There was a phone right there and he picked it up. The referees gave him a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct and Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were very upset by it too. We could not stop rewinding it on the DVR and had to take a pic. You don’t see Donovan do things like that very often.

In Philadelphia we have plenty of Eagles fans mixed with the occasional Giants fan. Geof’s boss is a big Giants fan. We’ve been hearing all week about how the Eagles were going to lose and I kept my mouth shut. It was so fantastic to see the Eagles pull this off.

I wish the team best of luck next week in Arizona. GO EAGLES!!


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Ohhhh, Donovan.