Friday, May 29, 2009

Fabulous Friday – Summer TV edition

Danielle over at Well, That’s Just Fabulous is hosting Fabulous Friday! Today’s Fab Friday topic is on Fabulous Summer TV!

Here are my picks for my favorite and fabulous summer shows:

True Blood

I started watching this last summer and was hooked immediately. When I heard it was about vampires, I was sold. After being hooked on Twilight, I had a feeling that I would like it. I have the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and I need to start reading it. Season 2 of True Blood starts soon and I cannot wait.

So You Think You Can Dance

This is probably my favorite show on television. These dancers are all so different and come from many different backgrounds and styles of dance. The choreographers on the show come up with some amazing routines and the show is super entertaining


I think this is the perfect summer show. It’s basically ridiculous contestants trying to navigate their way through an obstacle course that is over the top. I laugh out the loud the entire episode.


Geof got me into this show when we first met and I absolutely love it. Ari and Johnny Drama are my favorite characters and I look forward to this show coming back each year. I just wish that the seasons were a little longer.

I also would like to check out Southern Belles and NYC Prep this summer. Southern Belles already started and NYC Prep begins June 23rd on Bravo.

What are your favorite shows to watch in the summer?


Savvy Mode SG said...

i live under a rock, i don't really fellow these but entourage seems interesting the few times i watch the show with friends.

Lis said...

You know I will totally be watching NYC prep too!!! :) And Southern Belles, and SYTYCD but I haven't seen True Blood or Entourage before - now that we have all of these crazy channels (we just switched to Verizon Fios) I am going to have to check them out. Not to mention I have always had a huge crush on Adrian Grenier!!

I'm so glad you like the mug gift idea - I think it's cute because it's so personal!

I will have to check out your Mikasa set online - I bet it's cute! The dishes we got for our shower cracked - within like months of when we started using them! I was so mad!! We had saved them for when we moved in our new house - like 8 months later and they were from Target - they wouldn't let us return them!! I hate bad customer service! But I'm happier with these now and it's done! :)

Ok, I'm done rambling! I hope you have a great weekend!! Do something fun!! (ie - don't work if you can help it!!) :)

Elizabeth said...

I love Entourage! D got me hooked last season. It is such a great show! I have never seen Wipe Out but hear it is hilarious.

Linda said...

We watched So You Think You Can Dance last night. I love it. I'll definitely be watching this season.
I love Entourage. Ari is definitely my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Excellent choices. :) Ari is my favorite Entourage character!

Kim said...

umm every single show you listed, I am totally obsessed with!!! We got hooked on True Blood last year...we watched the entire season in one weekend on our ondemand. it was a little ridiculous. I can't wait for Entourage to come back too!!

I've also gotten into Southern Bells...I like that it's sort of a classier version of the real housewives!!

Christina said...

Summer TV is so tough! I always miss Grey's and Desperate Housewives. I cut off cable when I moved and so I have no idea what's on anymore. I feel a little in the dark...oh well...

Tasha said...

I'll be watching the Bachelorette this summer. I just started watching The Tudors on Showtime about 3 episodes before the season finale, so I want to get the first two seasons on DVD and watch them. It's SO good, and Henry VIII is H-O-T! :-)

*kimmie* said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words!

I just LOVE SYTYCD. I think it's my favorite show of all time. Can't wait to see what this season has in store!

The Pink Chick said...

I have never watched "So You Think You Can Dance" until this season. I am hooked!

MG said...

I'm loving Real Housewives of New Jersey right now, can't get enough!

I can't wait for NYC Prep, reality TV Gossip Girl! Also, the third season of Army Wives comes out this summer...a show I love to hate.

Nat said...

I love SYTYCD my old roommate got me hooked the first season. LOVE LOVE< LOVE Entourage... been watching since the first day- Ari and his assistant Lloyd are my absolute favorite on the show.
I tried to watch True Blood but I can't get on the vampire thing.

I DVR'd Southern Belles- can't wait to watch it and I'm currently loving RHYONJ!

Anonymous said...

hey Jules,
I'm getting True Blood from Netflix to watch!
I have an award for you :-)

Danielle said...

Thanks for participating in this week's fab friday!

I heard that Entourage is going to be postponed until this fall.

I have seen little bits of wipe out and think it's HILARIOUS.

Have a great weekend,


Gwen said...

Oh I love SYTYCD!! It's one of my favorites ever!!! On top of that it will just be Ruby and the Clean House Messiest Home In America Search. LOL!!! XOXO

Lacey said...

I just noticed Southern Belles this morning as I was skimming through channels. I set it to record...hopefully it will be good! I'm seriously addicted to So You Think You Can Dance. I'm also watching The Fashion Show this summer.

KAC said...

I LOVE Entourage and True Blood and can't wait for NYC Prep too...looks great! I also love Weeds and Army guilty pleasure show ever!

Mel said...

I can't wait to watch True Blood! Haven't seen it yet, but it looks so good!