Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grey’s 100th Episode

Spoiler alert: Foiled again! Just when I thought Meredith and Derrick were going to tie the knot, a wrench gets thrown into everything. We knew that was going to happen though, right? Then there were all of those college graduates dying in a car accident. I think about things like that happening in real life and how tragic it would be. The day that is supposed to be a new beginning, being the end. That is up there with one of the worst things I can imagine happening. I found most of the episode utterly depressing. I think we’ve seen the writing on the wall, but it really seems like Izzie is going to die. I think more often than not, I shed at least one tear during each episode. They have really been pulling on the heartstrings lately.

Izzie looked beautiful in that wedding gown and I thought it was so sweet when George helped her down the aisle. Alex’s vows were great and I think it’s nice that they’re married. It kind of reminded me of that movie A Walk to Remember (so sad!). The season finale looks good and it will be 2 hours long.


Jane said...

I know, I cry every week! The boyfriend almost is like why are you sad now. haha

Danielle said...

It was so sad. I cried a few times. Was it just me, or did you know that it would turn out this way when Meredith sat down with Alex outside? Were we supposed to figure it out?

It does seem like she's leaving, and I'm actually really sad about it now.

Don't hate me, (and I rarely use the word hate) but I absolutely hated a walk to remember. I think I was the only girl that didn't cry. And I'm the girl that cried during the opening credits of the Sex and the City movie. ;)

Melissa said...

I cried through the entire episode. Jeff made fun of me hahaha!

I knew Meredith and Derek weren't going to get married yet! It would be too easy!

yours truly... said...

Oh my! This episode got me...I sobbed like a baby. Big tears, shoulder, it was a heartbreaker, but I was so happy with how the episode turned out!!!

Have a great weekend sweet friend!!!

Kim said...

I was definitely bawling my eyes out for the entire episode! As soon as I realized Izzy and Alex were getting married, I was a mess!

Can't wait for the finale next week!

Miss. Pretty said...

I always cry watching Grey's..ALWAYS.. haha, it's kind of pathetic! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen it yet! (so I didn't read your post), but I'm so excited to watch the video online now! Hope you're doing well :)

kp said...

I loved it too. It was so sweet and sad. Now I want Derek and Meredity to elope, but just do it soon!

Jenny Georgio-who said...

Am I the only one who was seriously pissed off about the ending? I mean, c'mon how much longer am I going to have to suffer? Derek and Meredith NEED to get married. Like, seriously!

Not only that, but... this is what I don't get. They are writing Izzie out because she snubs the writers by withdrawing her nomination for an her payback is to fire her (yippie) but they are also giving her the best storyline she could wish for (not good in my eyes. I have never liked Izzie and I think Katherine was a bitch about how she handled the Emmy nod!!)


George is leaving the show. I think all of his patients dying just set the ground work for this. He will probably feel that he failed the intern test for a reason and now he killed his patients...he's not meant to be a doctor.

Izzie is going to die. She has to die. Maybe that will be the final straw that breaks George's back?

Meredith...well Ellen is pregnant in real life so they are probably going to write that into the storyline so even if Meredith/Derek don't get married they are gonna have a baby :) Which totally excites me!

Okay enough with me not having enough of a life and obsessing over a show.s

BLC :o said...

AWE! A Walk to Remember is one of my favorites. So sweet. Xoxo-BLC

jlc said...

1 tear?! That last episode I was shedding a river!!

Anonymous said...