Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend recap

Whew…what a weekend! Friday was really relaxing. Geof and I went to the gym and then came home to catch up on some trashy reality TV. You have to cherish those lazy nights when you can!

Saturday, I had an appointment to get my makeup done at MAC. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, because I’ve seen some of my friends get it done and always looked nice. I love the smoky eye and nude lip look and asked them do this for me. My artist, Sarah, did a great job. It was a lot more dramatic than I’m used to, but something that I would definitely try to recreate for a night out. Luckily, Geof and I had plans to go see SafetySuit, so I was ready to go.

All done up from MAC!

SafetySuit was back in PA, about 40 minutes from us and it was great to see them again. After meeting the guys at their other shows, they recognized us right off the bat. We were talking to Dave (the guitarist) and then Doug (lead singer) came up behind me and grabbed me by the shoulders. We were chit chatting with the two of them for awhile and then we went to talk to Jeremy (the bassist) and Tate (the drummer). We let them know we were going on the cruise and everyone is really excited for it. Jeremy mentioned again how awesome it was of Geof to write the review that he did of the band. Tate and Geof got to talking about fishing and it was just nice to get a chance to chat with them in a more laid back environment. They were driving back to Nashville that same night, so we didn’t try to take up too much of their time. I give them a lot of credit for being away days and weeks at a time. It must feel good to get back to your loved ones after being out of the road. The show itself was awesome and the guys sounded great.

This pic cracks me up. Tate put on a choir dress and came back out and played like it was nothing

Geof and me at the concert

Dave and me

Doug and me

Jeremy and Geof

Sunday, I met with a new group of girls for brunch at Terrain at Styer’s. This place is so cool. The owner of Anthropologie took over what used to be a regular nursery and turned it into a more outdoorsy Anthro-type spot and put in a café. The café is in a greenhouse and it’s just a really nice space to hangout and enjoy a meal. The group of girls I met up with were awesome and I thought they were all really sweet and welcoming. I cannot wait to see everyone again.

Pretty stained glass doors in the greenhouse

Me, Kim and Siobhan

Louise, Ganelle, Yvette and Jingbo

Pretty candles and cloches in the shop

When I got home, I finally got the chance to talk to Gwen. We were chatting the evening away until I realized it was time for dinner. She kept talking about making beer bread and it was making me hungry ;) I cannot wait to meet someday in person. Talking to her is like talking to an old friend that you’ve known forever. It’s unbelievable the real and honest friendships that can be made through blogging.


Gina said...

Your makeup looked GREAT!!

Trish said...

Jules! First of all, that makeup is STRIKING on you!

Second, O.M.G.!!!! You were literally less than 5 minutes from my house when you visited Styer's! SERIOUSLY! Isn't it the best?? I love that place, it is such a treat to visit every season...wait until I get you back there this summer and during the fall! SUCH beautiful things.. :)

Matt's just verifying his schedule and I'll email you by Wed. a couple potential dates for our little get together finally!

XOOXX Love ya!

April said...

Gorgeous make-up!! I heart MAC!
Glad you had a fun weekend!!

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE MAC!!! You look so pretty!!! ay for going out on the weekends!!!

D said...

Your makeup looks SO good! Did you end up buying everything they put on you?!

Looks like you had a great time Sunday, too!

Miss Anne said...

YOU look so PRETTY!

I love getting MAC makeovers!

So awesome... that place looks amazing too!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

The makeup looks SO pretty! :)

Christa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your look gorgeous! I ♥ MAC! Looks like such a fun place to have brunch! Hope you have a great week! :)

TS Hendrik said...

SafetySuit should give you guys some kind of a customer loyalty card. lol
I understand it though, I go a bit fanatic with some groups myself.

I like the sound of that cafe. Very bright and lively looking.

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful!!! I think you should frame a couple of those pictures :-) I would frame the first one for Geoff to put on his desk to show off his sexy wife ;-)

what a great weekend you had!!

Melissa said...

Your makeup looks gorgeous!

Brittany said...

Your makeup looks great! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty Miss Chic, don't you love having a pro do the makeup? They did a great job, it makes me want to go have it done! And you are all darling at your get-together, it looks like so much fun! Another fab weekend, if only ours was half as exciting!

Smiles to you for the week to come!

Preppy 101 said...

Beautiful weekend! You look fabulous!! xoxo

Katie said...

the makeup is wonderful!

Ally said...

I love MAC. I wish I could see the photo of you with your makeup done. I loved that part of my wedding, the makeup. For some reason Blogger isn't loading photos today for me. Ugh!

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

MCW said...

I can sooo tell that you lost weight in these pics.
Love the Anthro cafe you went to!

Iva said...

fabulous makeup!!! looks great!!

The Pink Chick said...

I love all the photos! You are so pretty! I love, love, love your make-up!

Gwen said...

You look fabulous!!! Not just the makeup either!! I'm so glad you had a great weekend and that we got to talk!!! Totally was like chatting with a girlfriend sitting right next to me. Soon we will be like that. :) XOXO

Brittany said...

LOVE your makeup!! I am a big MAC fan!

Kristin said...

Your makeup looks gorgeous lady! And Gwen is the sweetest!

Join the Gossip said...

1. You look beautiful!
2. That is amazing that the band knows you and you get to hang out with them. Super cool!
3. How fun that you met up with those ladies in such a gorgeous setting. Were they bloggers as well?

Jill said...

Did you really go to a restaurant that the owner of Anthropologie purchased? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Anthropologie. I want to live inside Anthropologie for the rest of my life. :) How fun!!!

Your make-up looks great. I love MAC (I think we have very similar taste). Having your make-up done is so fun and always makes me feel good.

Your Friday night sounds perfect. I love veggin' out with the TV.

Jen said...

Your makeup looks so pretty! That place for lunch looks very cool!

Vynuss said...

You makeup is amazing!!! :) Makes you more gorgeous than you already are! :) I love MAC.
Looks like a fun time with the band. I always enjoy going to live shows.
Terrain at Styers looks amazing! I love all the greenery, I love greenhouses and botanical gardens... In fact, I just enjoy going to the local nursery. :)
I completely agree with you on the friends you make through blogging. Sounds like a fun weekend all in all for you!!! :)

Sara said...

Your makeup looks fantastic!! And that cafe is unbelievable!! Where is this located??

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

Your makeup looks so pretty and I love the colors you picked for Gwen!!

Lacey said...

Your make-up looked gorgeous! So pretty for a night out! I definitely agree that sometimes a lazy night is much needed...Friday nights seem perfect for relaxing. I'm loving that cafe you went to with the girls. What a fun atmosphere!

Brittany Ann said...

Look at how gorgeous you look! love the make-up! You actually look a lot like my SIL in these pictures.