Thursday, April 29, 2010

8 Things Tag

It’s time to catch up on some awards and tags that have been passed along to me. This is the first of a few that I need to post.

I was given the 8 Things Tag from Join The Gossip. Leeann is such a sweetheart and we have become good friends through blogging. It’s too bad that we live on opposite coasts, because I think that we would be great friends. It’s a good thing there’s email. We both enjoy music, especially live music and that’s what got us talking. She is beautiful and one of nicest ladies around!

8 TV Shows I Like To Watch:
1. Desperate Housewives
2. Biggest Loser
3. Gossip Girl
4. Vampire Diaries
5. How I Met Your Mother
6. Melrose Place (this is probably getting cancelled)
7. Keeping up with the Kardashians
8. Grey’s Anatomy

I secretly wish that Geof and I could be friends with Barney, Marshall, Lilly, Robin and Ted.

8 Favorite Places to Eat & Drink:
1. Newtown Grill
2. Don Pablo’s
3. Spice
4. Cheesecake Factory
5. Jones
6. Dilworthtown Inn
7. Chart House
8. Melting Pot

This is the historic Dilworthtown Inn. Geof took me here after he proposed at Longwood Gardens.

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Traveling
2. Continuing to get in better shape and keep at it
3. Becoming a parent someday
4. Getting our dream house someday
5. Meeting blog friends. I’m going to be meeting up with Trish next month and Gwen and I constantly talk about this. Once Lis has her baby, I hope we can get together. If Leeann makes it out to Philly this summer, I’d love to see her too.
6. Summertime (pool time and BBQ’s)
7. Sex And The City 2 coming out in the movie theater
8. Spending time with friends and family

I cannot wait to see this movie.

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
1. Worked
2. Made chili and biscuits for dinner
3. Took the dogs to the groomers
4. Caught up on Gossip Girl
5. Found out the my friend’s father passed away :(
6. Had my weekly weight-in and was down 3.2 pounds (really only 1.4 since I gained the week before from vacation). Down a total of 18 pounds.
7. Caught up on blogging.
8. Made plans for the weekend

8 Things I Like About Winter:
1. Scarves
2. Christmas (the holiday, the lights, the cheer…everything)
3. Gingerbread Latte’s from Starbucks
4. Skating season
5. Snow (in small amounts…nothing like what we had this past winter)
6. An excuse to stay inside to have a lazy day on the couch
7. Comfy hoodies when I’m bumming around the house
8. Being near a fireplace

Mmmm...Gingerbread Latte's

8 Things On My Wish List:
1. Louis Vuitton Black Denim Neo Cabby MM Black Denim
2. iPhone
3. Christian Louboutin Cathy Patent Sling Back Pumps in Nude
4. A trip to Bora Bora
5. MioPINK Motiva Heart Rate Monitor Watch
6. Tickets to see Lady GaGa
7. Canon Rebel
8. Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings

Lusting after these Kendra Scott earrings for summer

8 Things I’m Passionate About:
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Music
4. Animals
5. Loyalty/Honesty
6. Trying new things
7. Travel
8. Work and blogging

8 Words or Phrase I Use Often:
1. “Like” (bad habit and hard to break)
2. “Whatever”
3. “Ew”
4. “Oh my gosh”
5. “Dude”
6. "Babe"
7. “Clearly”
8. “What’s up”

This probably started around when Clueless came out

8 Things I Learned From The Past:
1. It is possible to get over things that you never thought you could…relationships, deaths, etc.
2. Don’t let yourself be a doormat or let people mistake your kindness as a weakness
3. Things are never perfect. I used to get these big ideas about a party/event I plan going a certain way and it never does. I’ve learned to roll with it and have fun.
4. Never say never and don’t give up.
5. Be polite and gracious no matter how someone else acts.
6. Being a grown up doesn’t mean that you have to be boring. It's okay to act like a kid sometimes.
7. Working hard doesn’t always pay off or get you ahead. I think you need luck and the right people around you.
8. Let go of bitterness towards others and certain situations. Letting the anger fester inside only causes unnecessary stress.

8 Places I Would Love To Go Visit/See:
1. California (LA, Wine Country)
2. Bora Bora
3. Anguilla
4. Texas
5. Rome
6. London
7. Naxos, Greece (any of the Greek Islands really)
8. Aruba

Naxos, Greece

8 Things I Currently Want/Need:
1. Keep working on fitness/eating healthy
2. Make more time for myself to read/relax
3. Travel as much as possible
4. See live music more
5. Practice skating in the summer
6. Try new things with Geof
7. Visit a theme park this summer (I love all rides)
8. A bigger house

Dream house

I am now supposed to tag another 8 bloggers for this.

Ladies, you’re it:
1.Vynuss Vision
2. Pink Preppy Lilly Lover
3. Confessions of a Control Freak
4. Biology Gal
5. Saving the Best for Last…(fingers crossed)
6. Peeptoe Pumps and Pearls
7. Confessions of a Southern Belle
8. Sweet Southern Prep

All of the blogs above are fantastic and these ladies are all super sweet. Please pay them a visit. Thank you again to Leeann for tagging me with this!


Tasha said...

Thanks for the tag! I will play soon! You should come to Texas once I move there! Riverwalk- meet Jules. Jules, meet the Riverwalk. :-)

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this! :-)

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Thanks so much, Jules! I cannot wait to get started on this. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Melissa said...

I LOVE Melting Pot and Cheesecake Factory! We might be going to CF this weekend for Jeff because his b-day is on Monday!

I want an iphone too someday when they're not with AT&T.

I say "dude" all the time! I even say it to my students sometimes lol. I don't meant to, it just kind of comes out ahha

Anonymous said...

ps I have an award for you!

AndreaLeigh said...

I cannot wait for the SATC movie. Seriously so excited I can't even stand it. I must line up a babysitter ASAP.

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Awww I loved reading your answers!!! The Melting Pot is one of my favorite restaurants too!! Yummy!! :)

Oh and congrats on the weight loss!!!! I'm in the process of losing weight too so I know how hard it is! Keep up the good work girl!

I hope you have an amazing weekend!! :)

mFw said...

What a fun tag! I love Desperate Housewives and Biggest Loser too! My friends think I'm crazy that but whatever (I use whatever all the time too) Have a good weekend!

Katie said...

your dream house is beautiful! And I can't wait for sec and the city 2!!

Kimberly said...

I have had so much fun looking around your blog. Reading and getting to know you. I am going to follow you too.

Gwen said...

Oh how fun!!! I will totally do this this weekend (I still need to do the Preppy Mafia one too). I sure hope we can make a meet up work!!! We would have way too much fun!! XOXO

MCW said...

Oh...I like this one! Can't wait to join in! Thanks!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

So sorry! You can't have that house! It's gonna be mine!

(Great lists!)

Jill said...

Hey Girl,

Thanks for tagging me! I'm really excited... I've been so overwhelmed with the new job, I haven't had much to write about or the time. :) I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for sticking with me through my absence. :)

If you visit Texas, PLEASE PLEASE visit San Antonio. I'll show you around. I think you'd love it here AND we have great margaritas! :)

Love your list of lessons learned from the past... so true!

Lisa - Fine Sweet Life said...

You wont regret buying the Canon Rebel if you decide to get one. I kick myself every day that I didn't get it sooner. HUGH difference!

Melissa Miller said...

Jules I loved reading your 8's. How cute is this fun post.

I am so proud of you girl! 18 pounds is just awesome! Fantastic!

*Blessings & Smiles* ~Melissa :)

The Queen of Clearance. said...

We have a lot of things in common! Loved reading this!

Kristin said...

I'll take a Rebel, Loubs AND your dream house. Super fun list lady!

Join the Gossip said...

Aw thank you SO much for the kind words! It really means a lot to me. You seriously made my day saying such sweet things =)

Funny, I am watching Biggest Loser and a commercial for SATC2 just came on hehe! So Vampire Diaries...I was all about Stephen, but Damon is really doing it for me lately! lol!!

I think Philly is a no go for me this summer =( I am super sad too. Heck who knows, I may just travel by myself one day. I have always wanted to!

I LOVE gingerbread lattes too! It's a sad day when they stop selling them for the season. You gotta get an iPhone! Then we can play Words With Friends =)

Every day I realize just how much alike we are. The words we overuse totally solidifies it!

I really love your quotes--not only are they true, they are inspirational. I like that.

I want to go to a lot of those places on your list. Let me know when you go to Rome, London, or Greece. Maybe I'll meet up with you ;) I do go to Bora Bora regularly...haha jk I have the perfume so I just pretend!

Congrats on the continued weight loss! YOU KICK BUTT! Keep it up girl =)