Friday, January 13, 2012

Nashville – Day 3

This was our last full day in Nashville and we wanted to do as much as possible. Unfortunately, I was getting over a cold most of the time we were there, so I really didn’t get myself together until late in the afternoon. We headed out at 3:00 and drove around downtown for a bit. We decided to go to the famous Loveless Cafe for dinner and it was worth the trip.

Me outside the Loveless

Loveless is located on the outskirts of Nashville and has been around over 60 years. The food and service was everything you would expect from a small Southern cafe and more. The biscuits are something they’re known for and it was obvious at first bite. I don’t know what they put in them, but they’re delicious and the homemade preserves they serve alongside the biscuits make them that much better. For dinner, I got meatloaf, cheesy grits, fried green tomatoes and macaroni and cheese. It doesn’t get better than that! We completed our visit with a trip to the Ham & Jams Country Store and got some goodies to bring back home. I’ll be dreaming of that place until I’m lucky enough to visit Nashville again. If you go to Nashville, you must visit the Loveless.

Delicious biscuits


Loveless Cafe

To end the night, we went back downtown to take one last stroll around the city. We walked down to the Ryman Auditorium. The building dates back to the late 1800’s and was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2001. The venue has hosted everyone from famous singers and performers to actors and political figures.

Me outside the Ryman

Broadway was where we started our trip and it was the perfect way to end it. We walked up and down a few blocks before finally heading back to our hotel. We capped off the night with a soak in the hot tub and a dip in the pool. It felt good to be swimming in January.

Nashville Symphony

Geof outside the Bridgestone Area

Me on Broadway

Getting our fortune told by Willie Nelson

The next morning, we packed up and went to Gigi’s for a cupcake. Geof and I have a tradition whenever we travel to always try to find a cute little cupcake shop. He’s so good about it. I got the Birthday Cake cupcake and he had Banana Cream. They were yummy! After our sweet treats, it was time to go so we said goodbye to Nashville until next time.

Cute cupcakes!

Ultimately, Nashville is a beautiful city with plenty to see, even if you don’t love country music. The people are friendly, it’s easy to navigate and the Southern cooking is so good.

Thanks, as always for hanging in there with me during my trip recaps. Some probably find them incredibly boring while others really enjoy them. I honestly love to document each time we travel. These posts are some of my favorite ones to look back on over time.


Melissa said...

I really love your trip recaps! I don't get to travel much anymore with a baby, so I live vicariously through you!

If people find it boring, they don't have to read :) I'm sure there are people who get tired of me posting about my son all the time, but I don't care. Like you said, the blog is a place to document what's going on in your life so you can look back on it someday.

Lindsey said...

I enjoy these recaps so much! I want to go vacation there now!

Christina said...

Your night time pictures all turned out so well! Holy frosting on that cupcake! Yum. I love reading recaps, even if it’s something I’m not interested in. I love to see the world through other people’s blogs! I cannot wait to go to Tennessee now!

Gwen said...

How come your recap posts make me so hungry? LOL! I want a cupcake now!! And how sweet is Geof for indulging the cupcake shop visits. :D

Natalie said...

Those biscuits look amazing, now I want some lol!

Mel said...

All of that food looks so good! I've never been to Nashville, but you make it sound great!

Anonymous said...

That cupcakes is making my mouth water!!! It looks delicious. Your trip seems to have been a blast. Glad you guys had a good time.

Jessica Renee said...

I've loved all your recaps! I've always wanted to visit Nashville but after all of this, it has GOT to happen!

and omg that cupcake! YUM!

Cara said...

I am so jealous that you got to go to Loveless! We wanted to go nut didn't make it there last trip...I heard the bisciuts are ahmazing!

Kathie @ Like A Box Of Chocolates said...

I love your recaps! Now I actually want to go to Nashville :-)

I'd love to visit a cupcake shop. We have none where we live. Hard to believe, right? Where I live, trends are way behind. I'm sure we'll get a cupcake shop in 5 years-maybe.

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

So many things to say about this!

-I love your blog design...I am definitely a pink girl, too :)

-That southern food is making my mouth water....oh I miss it so much! Mac and cheese, fried chicken, biscuits...yum.

-Gigi's is my FAVORITE! I miss that, too...we don't have any out here! So I demand to go there every time I go home :) You should try the margarita one in the summer, it's the best!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Def not boring recaps - super fun!!

We didn't get to go to Loveless Cafe and I was totally bummed. I wanted to go beforehand and since we weren't able to make it that's one place I regret not seeing.

Maybe there's something in the Nashville air because I was super sick with a cold the whole time as well. You poor thing :( At least you look great in your pics - can't tell you're sick at all!

meghan said...

Oh my gosh I'm so hungry sitting here right now and those biscuits look to die for. Yumm!! I'm from Chattanooga so will have to remember this place when I go to Nashville.

Dree said...

Wow, your Nashville trip looks incredible! I love that you got your fortune told by "Willie". Hilarious! And those biscuits look so delicious...

Linda said...

Your trip looked like so much fun. We'd love to visit Nashville sometime. I know I'd dig the music and Tai would love the food!