Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve & Day recap

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I can't believe it's over already. It feels like it came and went in a flash this year. All in all it was a wonderful holiday and I am ready for the New Year.
Christmas Eve my mom came over brought her dog (he is a black lab named "Happy") and celebrated with us. We watched "A Christmas Story" and "Christmas Vacation" like we always do and ate lots of good food. I finally got around to making the chocolate covered pretzels and I made the Noel Spritzer drinks. I’m definitely going to be making that drink again. It was delish!
Christmas morning we woke up and opened gifts. We had a big surprise in store for my mom. On our honeymoon and vacations I've been on in the past, I/we’ve gone swimming with the dolphins and she said that is something she has always wanted to do. With everything she did to help us with the wedding, we wanted to give back in some way. Geof and I planned it out and got her a trip to Orlando in April. I am going to go with her. We're going to Discovery Cove so she can finally swim with the dolphins. Her reaction was everything I hoped for and more. She was in utter shock and once it sunk in she was teary eyed and so happy. It was a very special moment.
After presents were opened, Geof made breakfast for us, and then we cleaned up and went to my aunt's for Christmas dinner. It was so nice (as always) and all of my little cousins were running around bragging about what they got. It was very cute.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Linda said...

Color me jealous! Did you get a DS?

Jill said...

Ahh....I love the gift you gave your mother. That's so sweet and thoughtful.

Jules said...

Aw...thanks, Jill! My mom was so excited!

Lis said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas!! What a sweet gift for your Mom! :) Y'all will have such a great time!

Love the bag you got - who is it by??

Chitown Meg said...

Those dogs are so freaking cute!! Glad to hear you had a good Christmas. Thanx for your happy holiday wishes :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for subscribing to my blog!! It looks like you had a nice Christmas!!! Happy Holidays!


AndreaLeigh said...

what a great gift for your mom! you are very thoughtful. looks like you scored some good stuff too!