Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Flyers game

Tonight Geof and I went to the Flyers game against the Ottawa Senators. The Flyers won 5-4...yeah! Geof was given the opportunity when we went to the Sixers game the other night to get a membership to the Cadillac Grill for the rest of the season and we would get 2 club box tickets to the Flyers in return. The membership more than paid for itself with the cost of tickets, so it was a good idea in my opinion.
We went to dinner at the grill again and it was really nice. We had some wine, sliders, rosemary fries and flourless chocolate cake. After dinner we went to our seats and they were great. We were seated right at center ice. We had another nice night!
I still have a ton to get done before tomorrow night. I need to finish my baking/cooking, finish wrapping and get my aunt and uncle a gift. I am definitely going to go the gift card route at this point. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!

Geof & I
View from our seats
Flourless chocolate cake
The game


Chitown Meg said...

I love hockey games!! I am going to see the Blackhawks in January- can't wait!! Thanx for your comment. I will be posting more pictures later on :) I have one up now ;)

Tasha said...

Those are some great seats! I want that chocolate cake. Mmmm....