Saturday, December 20, 2008

We’re winners!

Tonight we had another Sixers game to go to against the Indiana Pacers. It was an exciting game down to the final seconds…literally (they beat us by one lousy point). Geof is a partial season ticket holder and for that he was invited to the Cadillac Grill to meet one of the players, enter in some raffles and check the place out (since it’s members only). We had a lovely dinner and met Jason Smith who plays for the Sixers. He is so sweet and 7 ft. tall! I have never felt so short in my life. I have a pic below.
We went to our seat and watched the game and then went back to the grill at halftime to see the results of the raffle. We won two prizes! I won an Andre Iguodala autographed basketball and Geof won a 4-pack of club box tickets to a game in January. We had a nice little date night!

Geof, Jason Smith and me
Yum...pumpkin soup
Us at the Cadillac Grill

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