Friday, November 21, 2008

Finshed Eclipse

I finally finished Eclipse last night and it was so good! I won't say it for those that are still reading, but I was really happy about something that happened towards the end. I am ready for Breaking Dawn. I think I'll try and start that when I get home from the 76ers game tonight. This book in my opinion was much better than New Moon. I love them all so far, but this book had a lot more going on.
The movie is offically out for Twilight and I plan on seeing it Saturday night. I better get tickets today, because I'm fairly certain it will sell out.


Linda said...

I agree. Eclipse was much better than New Moon. I just started Breaking Dawn and I'm seeing the movie tonight!

Simply Chic said...

Totally agree, thats exactly how I felt. Although wait until you read Breaking Dawn...its up there with Twilight...definitely my second favorite in the series! Im seeing the movie tomorrow too, can't wait!