Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Twilight mania

It is finally here and the movie will be out in 3 short days. I am almost done the third book and hoped to have all four finished before I saw the movie. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen. I am really excited to see how the movie turns out compared to the book. It is still fresh in my mind since I just started the series in the beginning of October.
I can’t believe how the series has caught on with people (mainly ladies) of all ages. Every time I watch the news or one of the entertainment shows, I see them talking about the movie and all of the hype surrounding the actors. I must admit, I am Team Edward all the way and do not mind seeing Robert Pattinson splashed across the TV, internet and pages of magazines.
My friends and I have all read, or are reading the series and most agree that they did a good job casting Edward. This may sound funny, but I’m glad that I have never seen Robert Pattinson in any other movies before this. I don’t want to picture him as anything other than Edward. I also love his British accent in the interviews that I’ve heard!

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