Friday, February 6, 2009

Dinner at Brio

Last night my girlfriends (Colleen and Alison) and I went to dinner at Brio. Colleen and I see each other at work on a daily basis and Alison used to work with us. We’ve stayed in touch and it’s always nice to catch up and see how the other is doing. It’s amazing what a difference a year makes. This time last year we were talking about our upcoming weddings (we all got married within 4 months of one another) and now we’re talking about who wants to have a baby when. The time really does fly.

It’s nice to have friends at the same stage of life as you. Conversation is easy and is relatable. Since I’m an only child, I hold my friends very near and dear to my heart. They mean so much to me and I’m lucky to have some good ladies in my life.

Onto dinner, Brio is a newer restaurant near our job and it appears to be a chain restaurant. Here is what I had: Brio Chopped Salad - chopped greens with tomatoes, olives, onions, cucumber, Gorgonzola cheese and red wine vinaigrette dressing. Pasta Alla Vodka – handmade pasta filled with Ricotta cheese, tossed with crispy prosciutto, garlic, basil and a tomato parmesan cream sauce. Crème Brulee Trio – brown sugar, caramel and peanut butter chocolate crème brulee served in espresso cups. Everything was tasty!


Jill said...

Oh Yum... your meal at Brio sounds SOOO good!

Lis said...

YUM!! That sounds amazing! I love Italian food!

I 110% agree about the part of having friends at the same stage in life as you. It's sad that sometimes when you are in one stage (like us now, married, talking about the when with babies) and some of your friends are still single, going out all the time. It sometimes makes the relationships less easy - I hate that!

Tasha said...

I love Brio! So glad you had a nice dinner with the girls! :-)

AndreaLeigh said...

sounds delish! yay for a fun night wiht girlfriends.