Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar night

The time has come again and it is Oscar night in Hollywood. All of the stars are out and looking lovely as always. Here are my favorites of the night from what I have seen so far:

Kate Winslet - she is on a roll with her award show wardrobe choices this year. Kate is glowing and looks gorgeous.

Anne Hathaway – she looks very classy and that gown fits her perfectly. My only complaint is that she looks a little on the (too) skinny side.

Sarah Jessica Parker – she looks so dreamy and angelic. This is a fantastic gown on her.

Miley Cyrus – for being so young, she looks so mature and grown-up this evening. I think her gown fits her personality and looks great on her. I love the belt on it. It looks so antique and classic.

Jessica Biel – girlfriend’s hair and makeup is a hot mess, but I love her gown. I'm a fan of bows.

Robert Pattinson – ahhh, Edward. I had to post of pic of him just because. He looks so handsome.

Hugh Jackman is adorable and is doing a great job of hosting so far. That accent gets me every time.

Jennifer Aniston - looked beautiful when she presented two awards with Jack Black. Her gold gown was stunning.


suburban prep said...

I am NOT and SJP fan. So I don't think that she dresses well. Jessica Biel also what was she thinking?

I agree Jennifer Aniston all class.

Pink Julep said...

Love all those dresses, but that Edward dude... I just don't get it. He looks a little like a junkie...

Lis said...

Oh I think that Anne Hathaway looks amazing too (but yes, I agree she looks a tad unhealthy) and I am totally with you on SJP (she looks like an angel!) and Miley (who ever dressed her was on point!).

Great review of the clothes! I haven't watched it yet but I did tivo it and will catch up tomorrow! :) Have a good Monday!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I think Kate Hudson really slacked with that dress and hair. She is so beautiful, and this was her big night. She could have done much better.

I loved Marissa Tomei's dress.

Mmmm, Edward. I literally JUST finished the 4th book 10 minutes ago, so seeing a picture of him was fab!

AndreaLeigh said...

I loved Miley's dress. Anne looked beautiful as well. Did you see Tina Fey? She looked gorgeous!

Tasha said...

I AM IN LOVE WITH HUGH JACKMAN!!! Just when I thought he couldn't get any cuter, he puts a tux on and makes me have a heart attack. Loved Kate Winslet's and SJP's gown too!

Simply Chic said...

My two fav were Anne Hathaway and SJP. Yeah I totally thought Anne looked really thin!

Mia said...

I really liked Miley's dress! The neckline was just gorgeous and I loved the skirt. It had a very vintage feel.

And Kate Winslet can do no wrong in my book....beautiful!