Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend recap

Overall, we had a fairly low key weekend. Friday I stayed home, caught up on blogs/tv and relaxed. It was kind of nice, since I haven’t had a night like that in awhile.

Saturday, I taught skating. At the rink, we’re planning an ice show for the students to perform in and there is a lot of stress with getting everything right. I know it will all come together, but I just want everything to look the best it can. It’s the perfectionist in me!

Saturday night, we decided to go see the remake of “Friday the 13th”. It was good and scary just like I expected. We all know how these movies end, but I feel that we got our $10.50 out of it. We drove to a theater way out of the way so we wouldn’t have to deal with the nonsense that happens at the theater close to our home. The last time we went there it was an ordeal and we vowed not to go back, especially when it’s a horror movie. After the movie, we went to dinner at Olive Garden. I can’t resist the breadsticks!

Sunday, my mom came over and we went to Subway for some lunch and then came back and watched some movies and then the Oscar’s.

What did everyone else do this past weekend?


Melissa Miller said...

Hey Jules that sounds like a fun weekend you had!

We ate at Outback and I cooked and watched the Oscars last night.
I really liked it this year more than others for some reason.
I'm not sure why since I really had not seen any of the movies except The Dark Night. I plan on renting a few of them soon.

We love Olive Garden each and every time we go.
Have you tried ordering a side of Alfredo sauce to dip the breadsticks into?
It's awesome!

Loved all your Vegas pics as well.
Have a great week.
~Melissa :)

Ashley said...

I know the suspense is killing me (the bachelor finale suspense hehe)

Lacey said...

Olive Garden's breadsticks are so addicting! I always tell myself I'm only going to eat one, but I end up eating an entire basket all by myself.

Lindsey said...

Oh I adore the breadsticks at Olive Garden. Have you tried them with alfredo sauce? Heaven!!

Lis said...

That sounds like a nice weekend and super relaxing. And yummmm Olive Garden!! Ha ha ha!

We are doing some house renovations, so sadly I didn't get to relax much! :) but the house is looking good - so it's worth it right?

I hope you are having a wonderful week!!!

Tasha said...

I understand how junkies feel when they need their next fix with Olive Garden breadsticks! They might just be the best bread ever! Glad you had a relaxing weekend! I totally agree that there are tons of movies I want to see now too... I want to see Slumdog and the Reader also, but I'm scared Revolutionary Road will be depressing. Might be worth it to watch Leo even if it is depressing. ;-) The Other Boleyn Girl was pretty good. It's worth a spot on the netflix queue.

Simply Chic said...

Yum - breadsticks.
We went to happy hour in Philly Friday night. I meet up with the ladies Saturday in NYC to see Shopoholic. Then just went to school Sunday to develop my pics from the weekend. Boy weekends go fast!

AndreaLeigh said...

sounds like fun! DH and I went to see confessions of a shopaholic on sunday, but other than that it was a low key weekend.