Monday, February 16, 2009

Vegas - Day 3

Today I slept in and was able to meet up with Geof for lunch. We went to a casual Asian restaurant in The Bellagio called Noodles. It was crowded so we sat at the counter. We started with some Dim Sum (everything on the cart looked delicious). I got traditional Pad Thai with chicken and it was good. For dessert, we shared mango sticky rice. I loved it! After lunch I played some slots and lost some dough. Now I am back to where I started. I seem to always break even. I feel like that “Even Steven” episode of Seinfeld.

I came back to the room to relax for awhile and take it easy. I finally got internet access and was able to do the posts from Day 1 and Day 2. I watched a lot of news, which was depressing with nothing but talks of the horrible plane crash and the bailout bill. It’s all so sad and I pray for the families and victims of the plane crash.

Geof got finished with work and we got ready to meet up with his co-workers and head towards the opposite end of the strip. They had tickets to Ka so we split up from them and went to New York, New York. It was nice and had a cool vibe. It was rainy and cold last night so that derailed my plans to go on the roller coaster they have at the hotel.

We made a last minute decision to see Zumanity the Cirque du Soleil show. I had heard about this back home on E! and was very curious. We ended up with front row tickets (they had that or really bad seats left) and got our own little red loveseat. It was nice. They did about a 15-minute pre-show and joked with many members of the audience. In the back of my mind, I was begging them not to pick me and thank goodness they didn’t. The show started and it was unbelievable. There was one act where two women swim in this giant champagne glass and stretch their bodies in ways I didn’t think were possible. Some parts of the show were crude and offensive, while others were tasteful and beautiful. Overall I really enjoyed myself and thought it was all in good fun – especially when one of the cast members threw me a beautiful red rose. More on that below.

After the show we met back up with his co-workers at NY, NY and waited in line for this Italian Restaurant. There was an older couple in line ahead of us and saw that I had a rose (the one I caught at Zumanity) and asked where they could get one. I told them where I got it and that I saw a girl walking around selling them as well. I thought about it a second later and then gave the gentleman my rose to give to his wife. You should have seen the look on their faces. It looked as if it made their night. It really does feel good to do something nice for other people even if it’s something small.

We decided that the wait was way too long at the Italian Restaurant, so we ate at a restaurant called America. It was your typical generic restaurant, but the food was surprisingly good. We split chili cheese fries and then I had mac ‘n cheese. The four of us split this brownie sundae for dessert. It was so good. The brownie was soft and tasted like batter. Mmmm!

Once we finished dinner, we came back to the hotel and called it a night.

Pad Thai at Noodles

View of the fountains from our room - you can see the rain moving in over the mountains

Geof and I at New York, New York

View from our room at night


Lindsey said...

Oh wow! Looks like an incredible trip!

That pad thai looks like heaven on a plate, yum!!

Linda said...

I'm going to add Noddles to our list of places to try.

Tasha said...

That's so sweet that you gave the older couple your rose! Reading your Vegas posts makes me hungry! I want some mango sticky rice. :-)

The Browns said...

Your experience at "Zumanity" sounds like our first experience! Haha. We got front row tickets too & I was thinking in my mind "please don't pick me...please don't pick me!" The only other show I've seen is "O" at the Belagio & it was really good. Becky & our friend Sara went to that one.
I'm glad ya'll had fun in Vegas - hopefully next time ya'll make it out here we can get together :)

<3 Bonnie

Jill said...

What a fabulous trip!!! You're so sweet for giving your rose to the man gentleman. I love it when people do random nice things.

AndreaLeigh said...

yummy food girlfriend! no worries about the slots... at least you didn't actually lose money but broke even.

Emily said...

Okay now I want some Pad Thai. :)

That is so cool about your seats at the show!! I've never been to a show in Vegas before, I need to try it.

Megan said...

Sounds like so much fun! :0) That's cute about the rose--you're sweet!

Anonymous said...

We were so disappointed when we saw was so bad. I have never heard anyone else not like it, so I am starting to think that we attended on an off night. It just didn't measure up to all of the other Cirque shows we'd seen. Did you like O or Zumanity better?